What is Nose Aesthetics?

Nose Surgery is a Surgical operation that is reshaped in accordance with the face of Rin with the way it is used. People who have rhinoplasty surgery are preferred to make themselves liked. Rhinoplasty is planned not only with anxiety, but also with the aim of finding a solution to living next to health for Nose Surgery

Why is Nose Aesthetics Performed?

Rhinoplasty is the redesign of the nose. The reasons for performing rhinoplasty may be changing the shape of the nose tip or nasal ridge, wide nasal structure, narrowing of the nostrils or the need to raise the tip of the nose by correcting the angle between the nose and the upper lip. In the process of deciding which procedures should be performed for rhinoplasty, the patient’s nose structure and its compliance with the face are evaluated in great detail. More than one procedure can be applied if the designed nose is compatible with the face and fits perfectly. All these details are important and valuable. The stage of deciding the procedures to be performed is the first examination we do with our patient.


Nose-Botox What is Nose Aesthetics?

Nose Botox

Who Is Nose Aesthetics Suitable For?

All rhinoplasty surgeries may not be for aesthetic reasons, by combining rhinoplasty with septoplasty and lower turbinate radiofrequency procedures in the same surgery, we can also intervene in nasal bone curvatures that cause nasal obstructions and respiratory difficulties, nasal flesh growth and obstructions that cause snoring.

For rhinoplasty operation;

If the nose structure is wide or long,
If the nasal bone is broken or collapsed,
If the original shape of the nose has changed after trauma or accident,
If there is a belt in the nose that is advanced enough to prevent the use of glasses,
If the tip of the nose is low,
If the tip of the nose is wide,
If the nostrils are asymmetrical,
If there is a curvature in the nasal axis,
If the nasal congestion problem is caused by nasal deformity,
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You can start thinking about having rhinoplasty. Istanbul is a city where you can reach doctors and clinics specialized in male rhinoplasty. In addition, Istanbul is a center where you will find many options for affordable rhinoplasty, but you should make your choice very carefully.

What are the Types of Nose Aesthetics?

Nose aesthetic surgery is the most curious and most researched aesthetic operation. With the successful results we have achieved, we try to explain this operation to you, our patients, and try to make you decide with peace of mind. In the preliminary meeting we will hold with you, we inform you by explaining all the details about before and after the operation as a result of your examination. We decide on the rhinoplasty technique by combining your nose structure, your expectations from this operation and what needs to be done. Rhinoplasty We provide you with the best quality and healthiest service in Istanbul.

There are two techniques for rhinoplasty:

Open Nose Aesthetic Surgery
Closed Nose Aesthetic Surgery
It is possible to talk about advantages and disadvantages for both techniques. By presenting you the technique that is suitable for your nose structure, we make the decision together with you. We start the procedures with the rhinoplasty technique, which we will decide by considering all the details.


– Closed Nose Aesthetics:

“Retractor” support is used for the closed rhinoplasty technique. During the operation, an incision is made under the nose wings and the skin of the nose is lifted. Nasal cartilage skeletal structure and nasal bone are reached. The prominent advantage of this technique is the recovery of facial swelling much faster after the operation. The duration of the aesthetic operation is also much shorter than the open nose technique. Closed rhinoplasty is considered the old method and corrections for the nose may be more challenging in this method. Therefore, the rhinoplasty technique should be decided with your needs and expectations. You should definitely do detailed research on closed nose surgery in New York and decide with preliminary interviews.

– Open Nose Aesthetics Technique

The open rhinoplasty technique is generally preferred by patients much more. The operation is performed by making an incision between the nostrils and in this method, there is no surgical scar after the operation. This is the most important advantage of the open rhinoplasty technique. In addition, since the nose is opened, the intervention area is much more comfortable.

The important thing for both techniques is that you set out with a doctor who is an expert in the subject and has a lot of experience. You should choose a doctor who knows the facial structure very well, can make personalized planning, and has a good command of all the techniques, and you should decide for nose surgery in this way.

What is the Difference Between Open Nose Aesthetics and Closed Nose Aesthetics?

The type of nose to which both operations will be performed may be different. Generally, the type of surgery is decided together with the patient, but according to the needs of the patient. Since it is made with an incision under the nose in open rhinoplasty, there is no surgical scar. The application by opening the nose also means that the working area is comfortable for us doctors.

In closed rhinoplasty, the nose is enlarged with the support of a retractor. The advantage of this technique is that the operation takes a shorter time and the swelling of the face passes much more quickly. It is considered the old method, but it definitely requires expertise and experience.

Operation Process

It is very important that the patient and doctor communication be healthy in the successful outcome of the operation. The structure of doctor and patient communication ensures that the operation is positive and its outcome is positive. It is to understand and evaluate the patient’s wishes correctly, and to synthesize them very well and to perform the operation in the most compatible way with the face.

In the examinations to be made before the surgery, the patient’s bone structure and cartilage tissue, face shape, skin structure, age and expectations of the patient are taken into consideration. Thus, it is important to inform the patient in the most accurate way about the technique to be used, the price and possible risks of the operation. Adjustments are made regarding the patient’s lifestyle habits, medications, if any, and current diseases. When necessary, plans are made, such as a nutritional program recommendation, cessation of smoking and alcohol, rearrangement of medications, if any, and vitamin support.

It is important that the patient comes to the center hungry before the operation, in accordance with the procedures to be performed on the nose. Operations can be performed with local anesthesia if desired, but our preference is general anesthesia. Because although there is no pain in local anesthesia, it is common to prefer general anesthesia in order to carry out the things that need to be done for the operation with comfortable movements and to prevent the patient from being restless.

Whichever open or closed technique is preferred during the operation, the application is made accordingly. The operation time may take approximately 1-2 hours. However, since the structure of each nose and the procedures to be performed change, the most accurate time is communicated to the patient before the surgery.

In rhinoplasty, the incisions made in the nose are made very thin and are closed by making aesthetic stitches at the end of the surgery. The stitches placed in the nose are dissolving stitches and then these incisions are closed by melting on their own without the need for stitches to be removed.

Healing Process

The recovery process in patients undergoing rhinoplasty varies according to the nature of the operation and the procedures performed during the operation. In general, patients get up and start walking within 4-6 hours. If there is no nausea and vomiting 6 hours after the operation, the patient can start eating. In some cases, patients can be discharged on the same day, and sometimes they can be kept under observation for 1 night. At the end of the surgery, a tampon is usually placed in the nose. These inserted tampons are removed 1-2 days after the operation.

In the absence of any complications after the surgery, they can return to their work life in approximately 1 week to 10 days. It is normal to have swelling and bruises after the operation, and they will lighten over time to a level that can be covered with make-up within 1 week-10 days. In order to prevent bleeding, the pillow on which the patient will lie should be kept high and water should not be drawn into the nose for the first 15 days, and strong blowing should not be done. Istanbul will also provide you convenience in terms of resting after rhinoplasty.

What are the risks?

A risk-free operation is unfortunately not possible. The most common problems in rhinoplasty surgeries are bleeding, infection, and problems with anesthesia. Patients should be informed about these before the operation. We cannot say that there will definitely be post-operative risks or they will not be at all, but we can minimize the possibility of these risks with the rules that must be followed.

Age Limitation

There are different age restrictions for rhinoplasty surgery. The lower age limit is 17 for women and 18 for men. It is important to complete the bone development, if necessary, the surgery can be advanced in this way.

There is no upper age limit for nose surgery if the patient does not have a health problem that would prevent surgery, and does not use heavy drugs.

Early age surgery can also be applied if nasal congestion in children is large, preventing its development and disturbing it. However, since the bone development will be completed in the following years, revision surgery may be required later on.

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